Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Medallion of Havaiti Nui

The medallion was imprinted on documents written by Hawaiian theologians and later found in Germany in the 1800’s. Within these documents, three Kahuna (high priests) of Hawai’i stated that when these symbols are seen again, the coming of lasting peace would vibrate throughout the earth amongst mankind.

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Front of Medallion

The Symbols of the Triad

Looking at the medallion there are three
hieroglyphic symbols located at each
point of the triad.

The first hieroglyphic at the top point is
Vaihinui O Ta Põ for Hawai’i.
The second hieroglyphic at the left point is
Autearoa for New Zealand.
The third hieroglyphic at the right point is
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Back of Medallion

The Center Dot
This is the nucleus, the core, the heart, the focus – the Alpha and Omega where there is no beginning and no end but infinity. This dot is our Nana I Ke Kumu – Nana, meaning to see or look to the source.

The Six-Pointed Star
Although at first one may think it is symbolic of the Jewish Star of David, it is not only the jewish symbol.  Historians have found it on artifacts and documents such as the Dead Sea Scrolls throughout the world as far as Japan, China, Tibet, Germany, and all of Polynesia. Continue Reading…