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Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

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Edible & Medicinal Plants – Kupuna – Beatrice Krauss

For 25 years Aunty Bea taught pro bono at the Lyon Arboretum, conducting informal classes in ethnobotany. She also taught plant crafts such as oshibana, to preschoolers on up to senior citizens. She continued her research in Hawaiian ethnobotany and helped to develop and plant the ethnobotanical garden which was named in her honor. Native Plants Used As Medicine in Hawai`i is one of several publications completed while she was at the arboretum as a Research Affiliate, a position she retained until the time of her death.

Over the course of three careers, she won many service awards and published two major books: Plants in Hawaiian Culture which won the Hawai`i Book of the Year Award in 1995 and Manoa, the Story of a Valley in 1994. Continue Reading…

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Traditional Cooking Methods & Food Habits

The traditional Pacific Islander diets are superior to Western diets in many ways. Though there are a few weaknesses of the traditional Pacific Island diets, the strengths are immense.

Traditional foods are nutrient-dense, meals are prepared in healthful ways, and oils are used sparingly. The high-fibre, low fat characteristics of these diets reduces the risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke , diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers. Continue Reading…

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Dietary Studies

The Health of the People helps the Health of the Nation

“The Hawaiian word for health is “ola“. It also means “life”. Hawaiians believed you could not have health without life, nor life without health” (Alternative Hawaii) Continue Reading…

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