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Island Tom’s Special Places

Alternative Hawaii
Island Tom’s Special Places

Big Island

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Special Places on Kauai

Source: http://www.alternative-hawaii.com/special/kauspdx.htm

Lihue – Kalapaki
East Side (Part 1)
East Side (Part 2)
East Side (Part 3)
North Shore (Part 1)
North Shore (Part 2)
North Shore (Part 3)
South Shore (Part 1)
South Shore (Part 2)
West Side (Part 1)
West Side (Part 2)

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Special Places on Oahu

Source: http://www.alternative-hawaii.com/special/wco.htm

Honolulu (Part 1)
Honolulu (Part 2)
Honolulu (Part 3)
Honolulu (Part 4)
Honolulu (Part 5)

Southeast Coast
Windward Oahu (Part 1)
Windward Oahu (Part 2)
North Shore
Leeward Oahu
Southwest Oahu
Central Oahu

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Special Places on Big Island

Source: http://www.alternative-hawaii.com/special/bispdx.htm

Hilo District (Part 1)
Hilo District (Part 2)
Hilo District (Part 3)
Hamakua District
Puna District (Part 1)
Puna District (Part 2)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
North Kona (Kona – Part 1)
North Kona (Kona – Part 2)
South Kona (Kona – Part 3)
Kau District
South Kohala (Kohala – Part 1)
South Kohala (Kohala – Part 2)
North Kohala (Kohala – Part 3)

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