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Children of the Rainbow

Children of the Rainbow”

by Leinani Melville, published in 1969

In this book, Mr. Melville opens the door to the translations of the ancient chants from the ancient Hawaiian perspective,  which understandably differs from the missionary Christian view-point of previous semi-translations, which the missionaries considered to be heathen superstitions.  Nor could the missionaries really understand the Hawaiian language all that well.  They were given “crash courses” in order to be able to basically communicate one thing to the people of Hawaii, and that was their Christian beliefs. Continue Reading…

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Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii; A Call to the Soul

“Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii; A Call to the Soul” By William Pila Chiles, Published 1995.

Hawaii, a place all the world knows as paradise and one of the most remote places on earth. This amazing and captivating place may hold a clue for all humanity during our very defining moment in history. Pila explains why Hawaii is the crossroads of all our mysteries. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, even the location of the islands themselves hold a key that could unlock a giant door and reveal the path to our future.

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The Riddle of the Pacific

“The Riddle of the Pacific” By J. Macmillian Brown, published 1924.

First published in London in 1924, this rare classic has been one of the most difficult books on Pacific archaeology to find. Out-of-print for over 70 years, this highly illustrated volume is a scholarly study of such far-out topics as a lost continent in the Pacific, ancient writing in the Pacific, the stonework of Easter Islands, megalithic roads on Rarotonga and remote Malden Island, connections between New Zealand and Easter Island, ancient tattoo customs, and much more. Continue Reading…

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Lost Continent of Mu

In 1920, the British-born Colonel James M. Churchward came out with his first in a series of five books, The Lost Continent of Mu, prefaced by an admonition to “all scientists” to please copy for future reference. important points of pre-history and anthropology he had compiled through more than 50 years of research and exploration throughout Asia and the South Sea:

“There was once a flourishing continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Mu … The greatest tragedy of mankind occurred when Mu sank, carrying down with her, an estimated 63,000,000 people and a civilization 200,000 years old. Continue Reading…

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Underwater Pyramids

Yoneguni Underwater City Pyramids Dvd

Contains : Documentary
Languages : Japanese
Time : Approx 135 mins
Format : 1 DVD – NTSC Region 2
This DVD is an original Japanese region 2 NTSC DVD

Release date : 18/7/2007

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Vanished Islands and Hidden Pacific Continents

“Vanished Islands and Hidden Continents of the Pacific” by Patrick D. Nunn, published 2009, by University of Hawaii Press.

A complete view of all book content is available here.

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Lost Continent of Mu & Sacred Symbols of Mu

“The Lost Continent of Mu” published 1931

“The Sacred Symbols of Mu” published 1933

“The Children of Mu”

By:  James Churchward

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The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume I &II

And “Serpent of Light-Beyond 2012”

Both by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

[This book features] a reasonable explanation of the coming 2012-related Earth changes, and one that the adepts of the various Mystery Schools have doubtlessly tried to keep secret from the general population, whom they look upon with great contempt. Continue Reading…

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Ley Lines and Earth Energies

Ley Lines and Earth Energies:
An Extraordinary Journey into the Earth’s Natural Energy System

Collaboratively written by David Cowan, David Hatcher Childress, and Chris Arnold, Ley Lines And Earth Energies is a seminal and original guide to the energies of the Earth itself, and how those energies affect human health and well-being, as well as the effects such things have had in creating “sacred” places that simply feel special. A powerful, metaphysical spiritual guide to tapping into the infinite bounty of nature, and illustrated with black-and-white photographs and maps, Ley Lines And Earth Energies is a welcome and very special addition to metaphysics, geology, and Earth Studies.

Continue Reading…

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The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695

The Energy Grid:  Harmonic 695:
The Pulse of the Universe  Bruce L. Cathie

This book is not for those who believe in the “accepted wisdom.” Throughout the history of science, groundbreaking work has always been reviled by those in the mainstream, and that applies to all of Cathie’s books.
For all but the most terminally stupid, the existence of UFO’s is an established fact, unexplainable by modern science. Yet UFO’s do exist. Therefore, there is something out there that science does not understand. Mr. Cathie makes an exceedingly interesting, non-conformist attempt to explain this phenomenon. Continue Reading…

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Anti-Gravity and the World Grid

David Childress compiled this now classis collection of works relating to the geometric structure of the planet, the “world grid”. Ancient civilizations knew about this geometry and sited their monuments at its points, including the Great Pyramid, Easter Island, and the Chinese and Maya pyramids. The Bermuda triangle is one such point among many. Many unusual natural features also occur at points which correlate with the earth grid geometry. For example, the Hawaiian volcanic seamount occurs at a ‘tetrahedral’ point which will be of interest to readers of Hoagland’s Mars materials and followers of Drunvalo’s flower-of-life work.   Continue Reading…

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