Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Medallion of Havaiti Nui

The medallion was imprinted on documents written by Hawaiian theologians and later found in Germany in the 1800’s. Within these documents, three Kahuna (high priests) of Hawai’i stated that when these symbols are seen again, the coming of lasting peace would vibrate throughout the earth amongst mankind.

First let us look at the top of the triangle where there are hieroglyphic characters. These hieroglyphics are the ancient hidden language spoken by our ancestors. Historians in the early 1800’s said that Hawaiian’s never had a written language. However, in the year 2300 B.C. our people were already literate, they were a literate people.  Our chants and history speak about chosen priests who were record keepers. It was their responsibility to write the events of their time. All the way up until the ninth century priests had kept records of the events of their time. Then a massive warrior tribe from lower Polynesia began conquering our people in Hawaii. The first thing that the warriors did was to destroy the religion that had been in place. Then they put in place a religion based on the God Ku.

The invaders destroyed and abolished all forms of writing to secure their own political power. However, there were still a few priests who continued to hide and preserve the records, in caves and caverns, knowing that in time this knowledge would need to come forth for future generations. The families of those priests continue to maintain and preserve the knowledge of our written language.

Our intention, is that in time, one arm of Mai Ka Po, Na Kupuna Na’auao (Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices), will begin to teach the children of Hawaii, our language using the written characters of sound that have been hidden for generations.

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