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La’au Lapa’au

La’au Lapa’au is the ancient Hawaiian practice of using plants for healing purposes. This traditional form of herbal healing has existed from the beginning of time and has been passed down from generation to generation. The kahuna of the La’au lapa’au are the keepers and practitioners of this ancient wisdom. Spirituality and the use of prayer are at the heart of the healing process; you must ask permission from the plant before picking and offer prayers of gratitude. This practice emphasize that we are one with nature, there is no separation.

The many Hawaiian herbs have multiple uses for healing. For example, different parts of the Noni plant can be used to treat diabetes, inflammation, detoxification and other aliments. Many remedies involve ingesting the blood, or juice, of the plant or steeping the herb to make a tea.  Traditional harvesting methods include collecting the plants at sunrise when they are most vital.

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