Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

White Eagle Lodge

The purpose of White Eagle’s teaching is to help humanity develop its true nature, so that this inner, spiritual light can radiate throughout the whole being, and out into the world to bless, heal and comfort others. With the development of its true spiritual nature, the barriers between people and between them and the spiritual world are broken down. Thus the fear of death is removed.

The work of the Lodge is varied and enables people to develop their awareness of the inner light, and to use it, in a number of ways. You may be interested in healing, meditation, retreats and courses, astrology. You may like to find out more about the Lodge’s aims and philosophy and about the White Eagle centres throughout the world.

Every man, woman and child on earth has within their being a ‘light’ to guide them. White Eagle calls this the Christ spirit, the spirit of divine love. The word ‘Christ’ is meant universally, and should not be linked with any particular religion. Because this ‘light’ is spiritual in essence, it is not always easy to recognize it in other people, or realise it is there in ourselves.

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