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Dietary Studies

The Health of the People helps the Health of the Nation

“The Hawaiian word for health is “ola“. It also means “life”. Hawaiians believed you could not have health without life, nor life without health” (Alternative Hawaii)

The Kanaka Maoli people, continue to have the worst health and socioeconomic indicators of the various ethnic groups in their home islands. Cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, obstructive lung disease, maternal and infant health and mental distress are the prominent maladies. Tobacco smoking, high fat diet, alcohol drinking, and obesity are the major lifestyle risk factors. Societal factors, such as depopulation, foreign transmigration, colonial exploitation, coercive assimilation, cultural conflict and racism persist.

Alternative Hawaii teaches about the traditional diet and how to eat in a more traditional Hawaiian manner away from heavily processed foods and ones laden with sodium and other ingredients foreign to the traditional Hawaiian way of eating.

Changing Diet and Recent Studies in Aboriginal Villages.

A study on food and its effects was conducted in the First Nation village of Alert Bay in BC, Canada. The aboriginal population in the village was heavily effected by diabetes, obesity and other health problems that came with a diet introduced by European influences. The following links tell the story of the Alert Bay diet and the positive effects it has produced for Aboriginal health in general:

CBC:  My Big Fat Diet

Newspaper Article: The Slimming of Alert Bay

A clip from the video from ‘My Big Fat Diet.’ Also great information on traditional aboriginal diets and how easy it is to get started on healthy changes for you, your family and your culture.

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