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Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Na keiki koa 4 Haloa

Na keiki koa 4 Haloa is a grass roots non–profit organization (ca-501c-3) that provides native Hawaiian cultural education, experiences, protocol, cultural awareness, community involvement and services, restoration projects, health and well being, self confidence building, and serves as a center for positive energy programs.

Na keiki koa means the warrior children. The number 4 is an initiative of change for balance, haloa is the elder brother of the ancient Hawaiian native people who was born of the gods Papa and Wakea (earth and sky) then became the kalo or taro plant which was the first human in this cosmology. The Kalo is viewed as the staple food for the native Hawaians today and links to the realms of the divine light.

Na keiki koa 4 Haloa is involved in many cultural and educational activities. We will be providing native Hawaiian education such as: Hawaiian/Polynesian language, survival and sustainable living, cultivation of foods, food preparation and gathering, native Hawaiian astronomy and Celestial Navigation, Hawaiian protocols, canoe activities, fishing, hunting, farming, traditional medicine, Hawaiian crafts, ancient ceremony, Restorations and protection of ancient Hawaiian cultural sites, Ahupua’a and community building.


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