Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Kaimi Hermosura

Kaimi Hermosura, is a Customary Chief, Native Hawaiian Navigator, Konohiki, and a Native Hawaiian traditional religious practitioner for Kauai and Hawaii.

Kaimi has been involved in many cultural exchanges and experiences that allowed him to practice our skills and share throughout the world and provide sacred teachings to everyone on the path to divine light.

Kaimi is the coordinator and director of Na keiki koa 4 Haloa located on the north shore of Kauai in the district of Halele’a. The program initiates all peoples including native Hawaiian children in learning cultural values and providing cultural skills and practices.

Please contact Kaimi Hermosura @ nakeikikoa4haloa@yahoo.com


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