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Uncle George Na’ope

George Na’ope’s full name is George Lanakilakekiahiali’i Na’ope, but throughout the Hawaiian Islands he is known simply as “Uncle George.”  He is revered for his knowledge and mastery of traditional hula and chant.

Born on O’ahu and raised in Hilo, Na’ope began his studies of hula at the age of three under the training of his great grandmother,  Mary Malia-Puka-o-ka-lani Na’ope who lived to be over 100 years old. By the age of 12 he was already performing on recordings of Hawaiian music. Upon graduation from high school, he moved to Honolulu and opened the George Na’ope Hula School. A lifelong teacher, in 1962 he founded the Merrie Monarch Festival. A landmark turning point in the renaissance of Hawaiian culture, the festival is focused on the traditional chant and dance of the islands. Recognized by the Governor and Hawaii State Legislature with the designation “Living Golden Treasure,” he has welcomed both President Franklin Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy to Hawaii and he more recently represented Hawaii at the royal wedding of Japan’s Emperor Akahito. Uncle George has traveled the world over performing and teaching hula. Uncle George believed that hula is for everyone; not just Hawaiians. Uncle George was always an honored part of The Empowerment Partnership’s Huna training in Kona, Hawaii every March and September. The Empowerment Partnership will always recognize Uncle George as a mentor and inspiration, his attendance was a real gift. His entire life he gave from his heart and was there for so many. And rather than focusing on paying this back, we should all honor him and live by his example, so that we too may have such amazing lives.


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