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The Center Dot
This is the nucleus, the core, the heart, the focus – the Alpha and Omega where there is no beginning and no end but infinity. This dot is our Nana I Ke Kumu – Nana, meaning to see or look to the source.

The Six-Pointed Star
Although at first one may think it is symbolic of the Jewish Star of David, it is not only the jewish symbol.  Historians have found it on artifacts and documents such as the Dead Sea Scrolls throughout the world as far as Japan, China, Tibet, Germany, and all of Polynesia. It is the oldest symbol in the recorded history of Muu or La (e)muria – the sunken continent. The six pointed star is in fact 2 triangles. One pointed to the infinitely big and the other to the infinitely small; the heavens above and the earth below.

The Seven-Pointed Star
The seven-pointed star in Hawaiian theology is that each of the seven points, symbolize the duality Maoli Race or race of man – a male and female. Thus, Ke Akua created not just one Adam and Eve, but Seven pairs for a total of 14 peoples. That makes up the entire human race. And according to our ancestors, these are the Maoli Race of 14 that came from the distant star system of the Makali’i or the Pleiades. Now as we stretch out from each of the seven points of the star, the lines symbolizing the eight directions from earth out into the universe. In native numerology, eight is a significant number – Eight is the number of corners of a concave square – a cubic square.

Man, who is the Cubic Square is grounded on earth. All universal energy permeates to and from man from the eight directions of the universe. Thus Mankind is at the core, center, nucleus, at the Nana (source) – both Alpha and Omega / Adam and Eve as the controlling factor of his destiny.

The Vibrating Circle of Rings
Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the pebble is as much the cause and effect of the rings that emanate out. However, the vibrating circle of rings are not only the vibrations of Man’s creations, but symbolic of the energy that resonates back from the universe.

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  1. Again, very significant to the facts of physics and the facts of human history. Humans were brought here from another world in another star system. Something terrible happened at the end of the last Golden Age. There was a war between the luminaries over who would run our world. The two warring factions agreed that the evil one could rule space in the southern galactic region while the light beings would rule in the north under the one we would later call the Messiah.

    Light energy is born of very high vibrational energy, said energy feels like love, peace and joy to humans and it makes us vastly more intelligent. Low energy vibrations cause all manner of delusions, fear, doubt and gullability in humans.

    When Earth fell below the galactic ecliptic the luminaries lost their energy and fell into darkness where they were exploited by lies. Now that we are crossing back up into the higher energy region of the galaxy we are being encountered by our parent races who passionately await our awakening.

    This will be a time of great rememberance for many of us after we cross over in late 2012. Humans will exit low energy 3-D space and enter a higher dimensional existance. Color, sound and all things will look more beautiful than we can yet imagine. Land masses will float above the surface of the Earth in some places as the magnetic force in our core becomes more repulsive than attractive.

    It will be a strange new but totally wonderful new paradigm of existance after we cross over. Females will be viewed as sacred leaders as their energy is already in positive polarity. Men will become more positive too. Gone will be the days of competition and strife, blowing things up and hating others. Also gone will be scientific ignorance as we enter an age of great technology and become a class C galactic nation planet and join the Galactic Federation of Light.

    The way to performing magic is to know that vibrational energy moves in two directions as once. Magic is simply anything we thought impossible because of our darkened awareness. Now that we are entering the light our awareness is expanding into our divine state. More and more of us know we can manipulate matter with our minds and do so freely. We are called light workers, I have in me the spirit of Corn Woman, the Spirit of love and passion that made my People the Cherokee long, long ago before we were ever on Earth.

    Peace and love to all. Aloha


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