Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Peter Van Bakel

To preserve the Hawaiian Prophecies for future generations to come, Kai Kalama requested that I travel to various islands with him to meet, interview, and film knowledgeable elders (his tutu) and to produce a high quality documentary film…  He trusted that my pure curiosity, genuine love, connection with source, and sincere respect would enable me to ask the right questions and gently coach responses on film to capture the prophecies and wisdom in a way that would be compelling to all native youth and all people everywhere…  I’ve started filming and by launching this website in dedication and in the light of my brother Kai Kalama.   Oceans of Aloha, Peter.     These projects require the assistance of many on a journey of collaboration… If you would like to contribute, please email hawaiianprophecies@gmail.com

Photo with Kai Kalama, a highly insightful Customary Chief & Native Hawaiian traditional religious practitioner…  We met at a small lake in a tranquil forest near Montreal during a Raelian Meditation & Consciousness Development Seminar.  He told me the Hawaiian Prophecies talk of flying canoes and principles in alignment with the teachings of Rael who explains all religions and creations on earth are by the Elohim (a plural Hebrew word that means those who came from the sky).  I lived on Oahu for a few spectacular years…  Kai and I shared countless meals, time in the ocean, and deep philosophical discussions.  We  rented a yoga studio in Kailua, with Florance & Banyan and Janet/Amanda, where we gave weekly guided meditations and teachings in personal development & spiritual consciousness awakening…   I am fulfilling Kai’s request by founding this website and the film project.  Things are  just getting started…  Although I will continue to develop this site and the film project, I hereby pass 100% ownership in trust to Kaimi Hermosura, Native Hawaiian traditional religious practitioner…  I envision this site being a great medium for gathering precious teachings.  An open blog is being prepared for everyone to post stories related to the prophecies that they’ve heard from their tutu (older relatives).  I trust the film project will follow soon…  Some footage has been filmed and a compilation will be posted once complete.  Kai called me his brother…  I dedicate this site and the film project to the infinitly wise gentle giant, my very dear brother Kai.  He is one of my guides…  His wise teachings, examples, insight, and lightwill continue to  flow in all those he met, so that we can, in some way, help to enlighten others…  with Oceans of Aloha, Pete

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