Hawaiian Prophecies - Na Kupuna Na’auao

Perpetuation & Preservation of Ancestral Knowledge & Practices

Pua’ La’a

A Hawaii native, Pua La’a has been dancing since birth. Inspired by the beauty of nature and her love of consciousness, breath and movement; she expresses her creativity and love of life through dance. Her life long studies have been devoted to disciplined training in dance and yogic studies, Health, Healing and Wellness. She is an Ashtanga Yogini, a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Performance Artist, Fire Spinner, Acrobat, Acro–Yogini, a Hawaii State Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Rolf Method Structural Integrator, and a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. She is the founder of Danse Arts Yoga Acadamie, and Sacred Flower Productions.

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