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Children of the Rainbow

Children of the Rainbow”

by Leinani Melville, published in 1969

In this book, Mr. Melville opens the door to the translations of the ancient chants from the ancient Hawaiian perspective,  which understandably differs from the missionary Christian view-point of previous semi-translations, which the missionaries considered to be heathen superstitions.  Nor could the missionaries really understand the Hawaiian language all that well.  They were given “crash courses” in order to be able to basically communicate one thing to the people of Hawaii, and that was their Christian beliefs.

To begin with,  Melville shares with the reader what some other Hawaiian authors have pointed out: the missionaries changed the pronunciation of certain words through their own faulty understanding of it when they created a written language for the indigenous people of Hawaii.  The missionary teachers substituted the “r” sound with “l”, the “t” sound with “k” and the “v” sound with “w”.  Consequently, “Honoruru” became “Honolulu”, “tahuna” became “kahuna” and “Havai’i” became “Hawai’i.”  “Haleakala”, which means “House of the Sun” is actually “Hare A Ta Ra”. “Ra” and not “La” was the true pronunciation of “sun” for the ancient Hawaiians, as it is was for the ancient Egyptians.  (Source)

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