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Royal Union of the Pacific Nations

Proclamation of the New Foundation of the Royal Union of the Pacific Nations, named TE ALEPHA TE. PAPA NUI A TE TAATA MAORI MAOHI NO TE MOANA NUI O KIVA.  Please see this link and also relevant documents submitted – 102 Pages

The first ever gathering of the Royal Union of the Pacific Nations will occur this September 2010 at the most northern point of the Polynesian Triangle on the sacred garden island of Kauai.  Kings, Queens, Chiefs, & government reps, from the kingdom’s and tribes from the Polynesian Triangle, will be in attendance.  The span of the Polynesian Triangle includes thousands of islands between Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island (Chile).

We, the Kings and Queen of this assembly, which represents the Maori — Maohi people of Te Moana Nui o Kiva, agree and bind under the Sovereign Authority of the Ariki Teatuaura who represents his tupuna (ancestor) Atua. The Sovereign Authorities of Ariki Teatuaura and Ariki Tuki Tepano recognize and reinstate the herein Sovereign Authorities identified of Te Moana Nui a Kiva who in turn also recognize them as Sovereign authority.

In virtue of the Royal lineages of the Sovereign Authorities and the innate rights given by blood, with consideration and respect for our cultural and traditional values, principles of freedom and equality.  We affirm that this assembly represents and defends the rights of the people and future generations of the triangle of Te Moana Nui o Kiva.  The laws promulgated by the Kings and the Queen are to provide well being for their people. The laws that have been agreed upon will be executed.

We, the Royal Assembly, proclaim and collectively approve this Foundation. No other entity can abolish Or /and modify these laws.
Kings and Queens who are recognized under this proclamation are here with the authorized signatures:

AOTEAROA Ariki Heremia Te Oi Otimi
HAWAII Ariki Nui Aleka Aipoalani no Hawaii
MANGAIA Ariki Vaine Nooroa Numangatini
RAROTONGA Ariki Nooke Tumutoa
TUVALU Rev. Tanielu Siliga
SAMOA Afioga Fuimaono Ioana (Ali’l)
AOTEAROA Ariki Tuhono Tanirau
PAKAMOTU Ariki eiri Tanginui
The Kings and Queens of this Royal Assembly are appointed to administer the powers to form the TMAK Kawanatanga.
The Kawanatanga of TMAK are as follows:
Head of State: Ariki Teatuaura
Representative of Finance: Ariki Teatuaura
Representative of Trade, Banking, Commerce and Communication (News Media),: Ariki Otimi
Representative of Ocean and Trade (Resources of Oceans, Fisheries, Boundaries): Ariki Tuhono Tanirau (Joe)
Representative of Education and Technology: Ariki Teiri Tanginui
Representative of Health: Ariki Teatuaura
Representative of Solidarity (Family, Youth and Violence): Queen Nooroa Numangatini
Representative of Transports (Terrestre, Maritime, Air, Sub-Marine): Reverend Tanielu Siliga
Representative of Immigration and Foreign Affairs: Afioga Fuimaono Ioana (Au’!)
Representative of Justice: Ariki Heremia Te Oi Otimi
Representative of Defence: Ariki Teatuaura
Representative of Agriculture and Land: Afoga Fuimaono Ioana (Au’!)
Representative of Culture: Ariki Tuki Tepano
Representative of Employment: Ariki Tumutoa Nooke
Representative of Tourism and Environment: Ariki Nui Aleka Aipoalani
Representative of Sports: Ariki Tuki Tepano

This Sovereign Power has its official headquarters based in Aotearoa.
Approved and recognized by the Sovereign Authorities of:
Rapa Nui Ariki Nui Tuki Tepano no Rapa Nui Maupiti Ariki Nui Teatuaura

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