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Anti-Gravity and the World Grid

David Childress compiled this now classis collection of works relating to the geometric structure of the planet, the “world grid”. Ancient civilizations knew about this geometry and sited their monuments at its points, including the Great Pyramid, Easter Island, and the Chinese and Maya pyramids. The Bermuda triangle is one such point among many. Many unusual natural features also occur at points which correlate with the earth grid geometry. For example, the Hawaiian volcanic seamount occurs at a ‘tetrahedral’ point which will be of interest to readers of Hoagland’s Mars materials and followers of Drunvalo’s flower-of-life work.  

The book includes, among others, articles by Bethe Hagens & William Becker, who designed the EarthStar globe; Barbara Hero calculates and explains the musical equivalents of globe distances; Bruce Cathie’s early method of detecting grid patterns through UFO sightings, and anomolies at other points, including nuclear testing.

A.G.W.G. shows many maps of the geometric relationship of sacred places, including the world, Europe, Afica, and Cairo. Also shows the maps of sites in Somerset England in the pattern of the costellation Canus Major. I highly recommended it for students of Earth Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, and for alchemists.


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