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The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695

The Energy Grid:  Harmonic 695:
The Pulse of the Universe  Bruce L. Cathie

This book is not for those who believe in the “accepted wisdom.” Throughout the history of science, groundbreaking work has always been reviled by those in the mainstream, and that applies to all of Cathie’s books.
For all but the most terminally stupid, the existence of UFO’s is an established fact, unexplainable by modern science. Yet UFO’s do exist. Therefore, there is something out there that science does not understand. Mr. Cathie makes an exceedingly interesting, non-conformist attempt to explain this phenomenon.
Cathie is a former airline pilot from New Zealand who personally observed a number of unidentified objects, plotted their courses, and noticed a pattern, from which he inferred a global grid of electromagnetic energy. This global grid has subsequently been substantiated by Becker and Hagens, among others.
Essentially, Cathie argues that UFO’s, nuclear facilities, and ancient monuments are places of power, and in order to utilize this power, must be placed in precise geometric positions relative to the earth’s surface, and sometimes, to each other. He has also noticed mathematical constants which keep coming up in his investigations.
The arguments against Cathie all come down to his unusual use of mathematics, which he calls “harmonic math,” in which the decimal point is sometimes inventively placed. But because harmonics can easily be observed in music and nature, this is not such a radical concept. Cathie’s books contain harmonic studies of various places on the globe (including Stonehenge), showing the geometric relationships in their construction and placement. He asserts the impossibility of nuclear war, because, he claims, a nuclear device, in order to detonate, must be placed not only in a precise geometric position relative to the earth, but also to the sun, and that the timing of the detonation is crucial. He says that all of the possible places and times for nuclear explosions have been worked out by the governments of the earth in advance! This from a man who predicted beforehand the dates and times of the French nuclear tests at Mururoa Island in the south pacific in 1968.
Cathie claims to have uncovered the relationship between gravity, light, and mass, and shows in later books tables of these values with their interrelationships.
Whether or not you agree with any of his claims, the book makes very interesting reading. It presents ideas which challenge the accepted wisdom, and makes a unique stab at explaining phenomenon which are at present poorly understood.
If you are someone who will not accept anything you haven’t learned in a classroom, heard on CNN or NPR or read in the New York Times, avoid this book. You will find it incomprehensible and a waste of time. If you are a mainstream scientist you will probably find it ludicrous.
However, if you are willing to open up a littlle bit to some new ideas, you might enjoy it.
The book is not a light read. You will be required to expend some effort, but it is worthwhile effort that will challenge your present conception of reality.


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