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Front of Medallion

The Symbols of the Triad

Looking at the medallion there are three
hieroglyphic symbols located at each
point of the triad.

The first hieroglyphic at the top point is
Vaihinui O Ta Põ for Hawai’i.
The second hieroglyphic at the left point is
Autearoa for New Zealand.
The third hieroglyphic at the right point is
Rapanui for Easter Island.

The islands and water within this area is known as the Pacific Triangle of La(e)muria.  It is also called Muu. This area in Polynesian History is the location of an underwater pyramid. In the early 1950s, research and field scientists recorded the discovery of this three-sided pyramid as the largest in the world – located near Routonga, the center of Polynesia. Each point of this pyramid is in direct alignment with Hawai’i, New Zealand and Easter Island – all of which are marker points of La(e)muria. Now known today as Havaiti, one nation.

The Intersecting Lines of the Triad
Looking at the medallion there are two intersecting lines with hieroglyphic symbols at the four ends of these lines. To either side of the hieroglyphic symbols of Vahinui O Ta Põ and alongside the symbols of Autearoa and Rapanui is the image of a man – a total of four. At the feet of each man are the hieroglyphic symbols for the four major Gods of Polynesia.

Starting from the left of Vahinui O Ta Põ and moving right are …

Tu – meaning spirit and the element of water
Taniloa – meaning sacrifice and the element of fire
Rono – meaning Son of God and the element of earth
Tani – meaning Father and the element of sky

The Cubic Square
Looking at the triangle you will notice there is a concave square behind it. This cubic square is the highest symbol respected in Polynesia and represents man. The energy of the universe, Ke Akua (God) presses into the six centers of you, the cubic square. This energy is neither good nor bad, but is the opportunity inherent in us all. Through this universal energy, you have but to think, create, then manifest by crystallizing a picture of the need or desired choice. Hold the thought in your silent subconscious, clear and block out the conscious connectivity to matter so as to separate away from the deceiving mind. If for example a negative thought of doubt is created by the mind, the manifestation of universal energy can alter it to positive thoughtsof thanksgiving – to thank Ke Akua, God, our Ancestors or universal energy within for the ability to recognize that the doubt was indeed just an illusion of the deceiving mind, only a thought and not the true reality of consciousness this is the keys to unlock the abundance of life.

The Vibrating Rings
Between the six points of the concave square are lines that are rings of energy that are vibrating. These are symbolic of the universal energy of you vibrating through and out to the world.

The Circle of Arrows
What appear to be” arrows” are in fact symbols for the Hala fruit of the Pandanus Tree. The fruit is similar to the triangular shape of an arrow. The fruit symbolizes the manifestation of passing time. There are two rows of arrows that encircle the triad of our Gods of Polynesia and the elements, the Polynesian Triangle of La(e)muria and the people of Muu, and the Cubic Square of universal energy that permeates to you and from you. The outer clockwise circle of large arrows is your movement toward the good for future generations. The inner counter-clockwise circle of smaller arrows represents your genealogy, your pu’u ka mo’o – ancestors of the past who are within us, to always aid and assist.

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  1. This is a perfect description of truth in nature and human history on this world. The symbols are from a very ancient language that to this day has not been fully translated. The five pointed star represents humankind for two reasons, the four limbs and head but also because a 5 pointed star is also a negative vector in the aether. Negative vectors have frustrated magnetic fields inside them that hide dark matter phonons inside them. Negative atoms that have frustrated magnetic fields in them have no vibrational energy to donate to the outside world, they are energy sinks instead.

    Because the enegy within humans is dark and hidden we have a subconscious mind we have little awareness of. The goal for humans is to free their hidden energy and raise their vibrations so they approach light speed. At light speed there is no passage of time and all is light, color and sound.

    We are a long way from vibrating at light speed but we are vibrating faster than ever before. I felt the Love enter me when my subconscious broke out from hiding. The time of the prophecies is now, even in terms of the rising of deep sea lands that submerged in our last pole shift. For a time all land will be even with the sea as high places come low and low places rise high.

    If we are strong we can halt the process of the pole shift so that no lands go beneath the sea, if we fail to unite our minds in this vision much of the Northern lands above the equator will submerge and be lost, only very high places like the Rockies will remain dry if not enough humans will it otherwise.

    Peace, love and light.

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